Sam DeMastrie

Technology & Venture Commercialization


—Designed at Jibe—

Technology & Venture Commercialization

The Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC) is a department at the University of Utah that provides space, funding and direction for the development and launching of various new technologies and start-up companies founded on campus. They publish an annual report detailing the past year’s projects, achievements, and stories.

Each year’s annual report has a theme in order to conceptually tie all the stories and visuals together. This year’s theme was “transformations,” a reference to the growth and progression of the start-up companies launched at TVC. Because the butterfly is the most apt representation of the concept, we chose it to be the hero of the report. Using the university’s red and black color palette, we illustrated a butterfly full of technology icons and a large block U logo mark.


Working with provided content—including stories, photographs, and lots of data—I designed an identity for the annual report using a flexible grid structure, a monospace typeface, and plenty of patterns. My goal was for the report to feel very dynamic and tech-focused, but also be highly readable when it needed to be.