Sam DeMastrie

Eagle Mountain City

—Designed at Jibe—

Eagle Mountain City

Eagle Mountain City is soon to be the home of a new Facebook facility. In the midst of projected growth from the tech industry—and in order to attract new residents—the city needed a more modern, robust website that accurately reflected the surrounding environment.

Using data gathered from user research, we designed a modern web experience with a rugged, lifestyle aesthetic. Not surprisingly, most users access the site from their phones, so we had to be sure that the mobile experience was as simple and intuitive as the desktop version. We made it easy for users to find the most important links: utility payments, news, calendar, etc., and also added practical features like a real-time weather monitor.


City websites are often large and complex, and Eagle Mountain City’s is no exception. In conjunction with the home page design, we designed templates or content modules for a wide variety of content situations and types. Using these pre-built components, employees at Eagle Mountain City could build out their own web pages.


While conceptually interesting, Eagle Mountain City’s current logo and visual identity doesn’t quite match the polished style and modernity of their new website or their goals to attract new, tech-savvy residents. The rebranding effort is currently ongoing, though Jibe did pitch some concepts for new logos. The following designs are my submissions for a simple and timeless logo that focused primarily on creatively merging ideas of eagles, mountains, and community. Ultimately, none of these designs were chosen.